Cages and Turf hours are filling up now


Batting Cages – $35/hour  $20/half hour

Field Turf – 59′ X 108′  

$200/hour – *Soccer*  *Flag Football*  *Ultimate Frisbee* *Lacrosse* ETC…

TC’s Off Ice – Land Training

TC’s works with athletes of any age and any sport to help them become the most dominant players in their sport. By designing specific strength & conditioning programs for our athletes we help them train speed, strength, power, and agility.  This program improves their performance out on the ice/field/court and also helps reduce the risk of injury.

Daily Classes  3:30-4:30, 4:30-5:30   $15/class or packages available

First class free!!!   Call to register 978-584-3926

TC’s Training Center is the place to train with motivation and determination to be the player YOU want to be! We have synthetic ice, stick handling machines, skating treadmill, strength and conditioning, agility area, batting cages and a 59’ x 108’ turf.

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