TC’s First Annual Full Ice Summer Series

Dates:  August 17,18,19th, 2021

Place: Chelmsford Forum
2 Brick Kiln Rd.
North Billerica, Ma 01862

All ages are welcome / TC’s clients only

Groups will be pre-organized based on registration and players lesson sheets.

Limited spots!!

8:00 – 9:30 (T/W/R = $150) – Skating and Edges – Understanding, using, and increasing your ability to use your inside and outside edges.  Increasing balance, muscle coordination, how to move, and weight transfer through drills and coaching techniques that all players can understand and master.

9:40 – 11:10 (T/W/R = $150) – Power Stride and Explosion (first 3 steps) – Angle of stride equals power, shifting weight, return stride, increasing power with arms and drive.  Treadmill drills in action.  Increasing speed of the first 3 steps to start separation then, transfer to power to extend separation.  Utilizing what the players have learned in lessons and implementing drills to increase understanding with coaches who know your player and how to coach them.  For some players adding the puck.

11:40 – 1:10 (T/W/R = $150) – Angling and Body Contact – Understanding the purpose of angling and  body contact at all ages.  Instruction of not just the “how” you angle and close the gap of body contact but the “why”.  Multiple drills with teaching and purpose in all areas of the ice to help the player create more turnovers and offensive opportunities.

1:20 – 2:50 (T/W/R = $150) – Backwards Skating, pivots, and opening up – Personal instruction based on private lessons and lesson notes to increase each player’s knowledge of proper backwards form and how to increase speed with body weight/angle of stride.  Pivoting techniques to maintain speed and close the gap.  The proper way to open up your body to make a play and the timing of when to open up.

3:00 – 4:30 (T/W/R = $150) – Passing and Shooting on the Move – Utilizing the proper form when you pass and shoot to increase accuracy and speed.  How to give and receive a manageable pass to teammates in all areas of the ice.  How to receive and shoot in motion for a quicker release to increase scoring opportunities.

Register here:  TC’s Full Ice Summer Series 

We offer all types of hockey training:

Private, semi-private, small group lessons.

We also have team training programs – geared toward your team and their needs –  hockey skills on ice, strength/conditioning/injury prevention  – Email – for more information

We are located at 1 Esquire Rd., N. Billerica Ma.  Entrance is in the back of the building.

Our main focus is hockey, and all aspects of hockey and training.

We have 3 hockey treadmills available for lessons,  both spaces of synthetic ice combined with 9 nets and all of the materials we had in the other building. With a few additions, like longer boards to work on battling on the boards, targets, stickhandling tools and more.

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Check out the schedule on either of the above sites.

You may book lessons on the self service site but the view only site may be easier to read and search.


Shooting lessons on our shooting treadmill is sure to be a game changer.

Requirements:  11+, and know the basis of a snap shot


TC’s takes pride in providing a fun, energetic environment where athletes can learn, play, and increase their overall health and skills in all areas of motor development in their desired sport or leisure game!

Due to Covid restrictions there is a limit of people allowed in the building.

We are now allowing one parent/child to watch the lesson.  However please be aware we may ask you to leave if something changes.   Please email for any questions or assistance.