Louise Noftle, PT

Louise’s Bio

“Understanding your body’s physiology will uncover breakthroughs in personal
performance that are often not readily apparent. Using sports specific analytics,
we can identify weaknesses in the kinetic chain that can be corrected leading to
optimized personal performance and reducing the probability of injury.”

Do you or your child need to see a physical therapist?  Is someone you know getting back from an injury?  Would you like to prevent an injury from occurring by giving your child the tools to get the best out of their body? 

Free initial quick screen and/or taping
Louise is an amazing addition to our TC’s family.  Her availability is Tuesday and Thursday 3-7.

We have the answer for you!!!  Louise Noftle is doing free quick screens and taping here at TC’s.  With so many other services to provide.  Please check out the following info and email or call to talk to her or ask any questions.

Screening / Assessment

  • Functional movement screening
  • Assess weaknesses in the Kinetic Chain, painful movements, or persistent post injury dysfunction.
  • Sports specific analysis

Sports Enhancement Training

  • Injury prevention
  • Sports specific training
  • Address Strength, Core stability, Speed & Agility and Acceleration / Deceleration training.

Injury Management

  • Modalities and manual treatments
  • Taping: Kinesio, Rock, and/or Leukotaping
  • Instruct in self-management of persistent symptoms
  • Fine tune corrective exercises