1. Lights out academy– “Get a pro level jump-shot”

Lets face it, not enough emphasis is being put on properly developing a jump-shot.  Some in part by athletes mimicking what they see on TV, partly because they try shooting from too far too early and unfortunately at times due to uneducated teaching.  Join “Lights Out Academy” and begin to develop a deadly jump-shot with fantastic mechanics.  Learn from Corey Hassan a local former pro who was a top 50 scorer NATIONALLY at the division 1 level, top 10 3-point shooter nationally at the division 1 level and record holder for 3-pointers made in a game at his division 1 university as well as both professional teams.

This 4 week Academy focuses solely on improving your jump shot  If you’re looking for COMPLETE SKILLS AND DRILLS PLEASE JOIN ANOTHER ONE OF CHB PROGRAMS, as this program’s emphasis is 100% on jump-shooting.  Each session will include concentration on form improvement, release speed, release point, arc, rotation, shooting on the move, increasing distance, importance of shooting from the pocket AND LOTS OF REPETITION etc.  Each session is one hour and Lights out Academy is LIMITED to 16 athletes PER session meeting once/week running for 4 weeks, 1 hour each session.

Session 1: Analysis of shot for area of focus and concentration.  Jump shot to be analyzed shooting 1 “form shot”, 1 Free Throw, 1 Mid-range jump shot, 1 3 -pointer (NA for elementary) and 1 jump shot on the run coming from left and right (TO BE VIDEO RECORDED).  Athletes will be split up into groups rotating on different hoops.  They will spend set amount of time on form, release, release speed, distance etc.** IF ATHLETE HAS PURCHASED GOLD PACKAGE CONTINUOUS WORK ON AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT WILL BE WORKED ON DURING SESSION 1 OF NEW MONTH.** ONLY FOR GOLD AND SILVER PACKAGES

Session 2:  Each player will have specific plan based off initial assessment and will spend majority of time at station where most improvement is necessary.  They will also receive written report on what aspect of jump-shot need the most work and other areas of improvement.  Drills to focus on during off-days will also be noted in workout report given to athlete.** Only for Gold members

Session 3 and 4: Continuous work will be done on overall jumpshot and MAJOR focus on areas of improvement.  


  • CHB Lime Green dry-fit, Black dry-fit AND Black hoodie sweatshirt.
  • $2,000 for the year
  • 12 Month Membership
  • Initial video assessment of jumpshot
  • Areas of improvement report and key take home drills to focus on
  • Private Facebook group for each athlete for additional contests, communication with other participants and questions while not in training.

Silver Package

  • CHB Lime Green dry-fit, Black dry-fit.
  • $360
  • 2 Month Academy membership (8 sessions)
  • Initial video assessment of jumpshot
  • Areas of improvement report and key take home drills to focus on

Bronze Package

  • $185
  • 1 Month Academy membership (4 sessions)
  • Areas of improvement report and key take home drills to focus on


Drop ins accepted ONLY if space available in session.

** Email for customer packages if wanting multiple day/week shooting development




2.) Group workouts (Split up by High School, Middle School and Elementary) 8-12 athletes per session

CHB group workouts are unlike any other.  Based off Corey’s experiences at playing at the division 1 and professional level, each group workout is divided into STATIONS, utilizing 6 hoops and a full-court, to maximize workload per each player and focus on a complete game. 1 hour sessions.  In-season will consist of higher intensity, whereas in-season work will focus on individual skill improvement at moderate intensity to keep skill levels high while not draining energy levels for games.

Gold Package

  • $255 (8 Workouts)
  • Includes CHB dry fit workout shirt

Silver Package

  • $135 (4 workouts)


  • $35/workout (off-season), $30 (In-season)

3.) Team workouts/Clinics

Have your team come to CHB’s home gym, or have the CHB staff come to your gym!  Whether in-season or off-season the CHB staff will get your team in prime shape, purely a skill based session, this is perfect for a team looking for dramatic improvements during the off-season, or a team looking to balance out team practices and skill sessions in-season. Applies for AAU, Travel, College, High School, Middle School teams etc.


8-12 athletes $250 for 90 minute session**

12-16 athletes $350 for 90 minute session**

16+ athletes $450 for 90 minute session**

**Travel costs may apply if not done at CHB locations.  


3.) Small group workouts (4-6 athletes), and 1 on 1’s

CHB small group workouts and 1 on 1’s allow for more individualized attention and more customized workout plans for the athletes.  Ran by Corey or CHB trainer with PLAYING experience and success at the college level.

** EMAIL for more information.  Limited availability